Thursday, April 21, 2016

Designing a New Gun Room

So we moved to Georgia, after retirement and picked a home that could use some updating. That alone sounds like a lot of work however I looked at the opportunity for a new Gun Room. You know, the kind of room where an older gentlemen can read great hunting & safari books, tall tales about finned monsters caught in streams and of course looking at and handling gun stuff…

I still enjoy reloading almost as much as shooting & hunting so I had to incorporate a bench for such scientific endeavors. Secret load notes hand written and filed away from prying eyes of close buddies and the like.

The list of priorities was long but alas budget and square footage always play their hands in the process. My list of course included a leather sofa and reading chair, bookshelves, fireplace and big screen TV and a nice spot for a reloading bench. Vertical gun racks and plenty of storage for primers, powder, bullets, dies, etc…

I was able to pre-plan the room to some degree since much of the drywall wasn’t up yet. Electrical outlets and switches placed just right for utility, new paint, baseboard and doors and flooring. This was fun to envision and install.

Security was considered and maximized however I won’t go into those details for reasons you could assume.

I may be a bit premature posting this since I’m still waiting to finish my rifle racks and still have plenty of stuff to hang on the walls but here we go. I'll be sure to revisit when completed....




  1. Love the blog. And your Gun Room is the best! It's very similar to what I'm planning when I retire. What are the dimensions of your room? I'm trying to get an idea of what I can fit into my 12x16 foot space. Thanks.

  2. The room is 13.5' X 27.5' Jason, thank you for the compliments!