Friday, September 16, 2011

Range Day Reflections

When I got back into shooting & hunting this time around our kids were already grown, one had spent time in Iraq and the other was back in school. I figured this would be a lone sport since they wouldn't be around to hang out with me. It might have started that way but it wasn't long before I started getting guilt trips from both kids when they heard I went shooting without them.

Our son is a Marine so he certainly had been around weapons of all types however our daughter had never been involved in hunting or shooting other than helping to eat the rewards. She loves pheasant and frog legs.......         Back to the subject. Neither had spent anytime shooting my Marlins so they would be in for a treat. I had joined a local shooting range back in late 2009 and had spent many a weekend shooting my Marlins by myself. One thing I learned quickly was that the other members of the club loved to see what I was shooting and tell me stories about folk they use to know that had
shot lever actions. Many of these discussions made me feel like I was living in my own world. Most folks now a days are shooting the AR's which I don't have anything against, just not my cup of tea!

I started taking each of my lever actions every weekend (except during hunting season) and members would notice a new one and come over to discuss it with me. Seems many of them were more interested in them than they cared to admit openly. Eventually I was carrying five levers each weekend. I scoped them all the same so I would always be familiar with the settings. Bushnell 1.5 X 4.5 variable power..

I enjoy shooting each until the barrel heats up then I'm off to the next one. By the time I get through them they are cooled off, as much as possible in Florida heat!

Back to the story........ Our son is married so he doesn't get back home that often but he sure liked shooting the 444P Outfitter and the 1895G 45/70 Guide Gun...

Our daughter started out on my Marlin 783 Bolt action 22 mag and soon graduated to the 1894P 44 mag. She enjoyed both but felt the 444P was more than she wanted to handle. In no time she was shooting very tight groups at 50 yards with the 783 and when we moved to 100 yards she just flat had fun and kept getting better. Some of my best days at the range!

Unfortunately the daughter has moved to another state starting her life and our son is so busy working, going to school full time and coaching that it's just me back at the range. Don't feel sad for me though, I have great memories and I still get to shoot......

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